16 July 2007

TeleMedicine GUI / Elsevier Foundation Proposal / Addis Ababa University / Central Medical Library

Seeking Medical/Health Sciences Librarian or ICT associate to collaborate on grant proposal for the furthering of TeleMedicine Education phase-one pilot projects in Ethiopia.

Colleague should be positioned within first-rate academic institution with access to proprietary research resources, preferably at the Ivy League or commensurate level. Professional/Para/Student at McGill University or its affiliated health/sciences institutions who holds active CLA/Montreal Chapter or IFLA membership status is of particular interest.

This is a non-profit endeavour. Low or no immediate fiscal compensation; TBD.

Contact: llpoussaint@canada.com

Stanford University/NASA/Black Lion Hospital/Addis Ababa University TeleMedicine Collaboration

Radio Ethiopia/Stanford Medicine Magazine

University Central Lancashire England/Black Lion Hospital/Addis Ababa University Ethiopia/Computer Network Project

Elsevier Foundation Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries Grant